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Jeunesse - Albums 3-7 ans
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14.20 €
ISBN 978-2-7011-4328-6
48 pages
25.5 x 23.5 cm

The pirate who stole the sea

Collection : Georges le pirate
Editeur : Belin
George was not a happy pirate. He was fed up with his life at sea and dreamt of a normal life, a proper job.
Unfortunately, after leaving his pirate life behind, George finds the real world difficult and keeps getting into trouble.
Fearing he might have to go back to sea, George thinks up a drastic solution.
The author Luan Alban started reading when she was four and had to cross the school playground to get big children's books. She has always enjoyed telling stories to children and adults alike and prefers strange, unexpected tales.
The illustrator Grégoire Mabire graduated from The Saint-Luc Institue in Brussels. He has published work in France and other parts of the world for the media and publishing world. Grégoire is a Bologna 2003 selected illustrator.
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